Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

At GermaniaVid, we help brands make the most of mobile advertising by offering customers delightful and engaging mobile web and in-app ads. Our mobile advertising services are designed to serve super-targeted responses to the immediate consumer actions on their mobile devices.

Types of mobile advertisements we offer

  • Offerwalls – An offerwall is like a mini-store within your app that gives users certain tasks that if they complete receive an in-app reward.
  • Playable ads – A playable ad is a mini-game that users play without installation, allowing them to decide whether it is the kind of game they would want to install. At the present, playable ads deliver the industry’s highest eCPMs.
  • Interstitials – An interstitial ad engages users using customizable, rich and appealing mobile video ad

Benefits of using GermaniaVid mobile advertising services

  • You will record an increase in advertising revenue with eCPMs of as much as $100 for certain ad units
  • A significant increase in in-app purchases
  • A significant improvement in user experience within your app and subsequent boost in user retention and engagement

GermaniaVid is the go-to mobile advertising agency for brands that are looking for powerful and high impact mobile web and in-app ads that ensure they gain the greatest possible advantage from their mobile audience. Talk to us today and find the solution you have been searching for.