Native Ads

 Native Ads

For years, Germania has been the go-to agency for native advertising. Our robust and industry-wide partnerships with many powerful brands makes us the preferred firm for native advertising solutions for a wide range of brands in the region. We are committed to using disruptive technologies to serve the best advertising solutions to companies who need practical and effective ad solutions.

Experience using main native platforms

GermaniaVid has an expert staff with years of experience using all the key native platforms, including Outbrain and Taboola. It is the native advertising partner you need to increase the visibility of your brand and content among laser-targeted influencers and customers. Our exclusive, unmatched targeting techniques is our guarantee to you that you will achieve your advertising goals.

Data powered native advertising

Publishers and advertisers that work with us get single-sourced, direct access to data-based native advertising solutions that drive traffic that converts. We analyze the behavior of your customers to map out their online pathways and use this data to predict the types of content they would most likely be interested in. Call us today and let us offer our high-quality content monetization solutions that few other agencies can match.