Pre-roll Inventory

 Pre-roll Inventory

GermaniaVid video advertising services provide you with the opportunities to engage with a huge audience by utilizing sought-after advertising spots on TV or through video pre-rolls. Our services are designed to ensure that your pre-roll videos engage with the intended audience to exponentially increase your leads and conversions in ways you never thought possible.

Why you should incorporate Pre-Roll video into your advertising campaigns

Pre-roll videos are the internet version of traditional TV advertising, essentially making it the most powerful and effective way of advertising on the web today. This is because:

  • Practically everyone loves to watch videos online
  • They are clickable leading the customer straight to your landing page
  • Pre-Roll videos show up at the very place the potential customer is browsing on a given webpage

Why use GermaniaVid video marketing services

At GermaniaVid, we have our own video production studio and staff, making it possible for us to create compelling video ads that convert. What’s more, our services include the ability for advertisers to set their preferred ad viewing frequency for the target audience to avoid annoying them with the video ads and avoid wasting impressions with a big number of repeat impressions.

Call us now and let us create a workable video marketing solution for your business.